• I have been working with VectorBuilders since 2017 and generated a knock-in Long Evans rat model that recapitulates neuronal and skin disorders found in humans. In addition, we have designed and generate several plasmid constructs with them. In the past year, Ricky Nemeth, PhD, our Territory Manager, has been very supportive and fantastic to work with. In all, the entire team of VB are great to work with as they are responsive to queries and provide us good quality vectors, viral constructs and viral particles.

    Martin-Paul Agbaga

    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA

  • VectorBuilder's customer service is astonishing. Their care with its clients and their products is visible through their prompt efforts and fast solutions. Ms. Pascual specifically has been nothing but extremely helpful and kind towards our team.

    Gabriel Mendonça

    ATLAS Comércio Exterior, Brazil

  • I used their lentiviruses to build a stable cell line with a dual inducible system, and everything worked great. Despite the fact that we are in Chile (South America), VB delivered all the requested materials (lentiviral particles, E. coli colonies and plasmids) successfully and without any delay. They also included lentiviral particles as positive controls in the shipment free of charge. In short, VB can provide you with high quality materials with fast delivery.

    Sebastian Belmar Willatt

    Merken Biotech, Chile

  • I have used VectorBuilder for both AAV and lentiviral preparations, as well as DNA construct synthesis and am extremely satisfied with my experience. Cordial and responsive customer service, fantastic vector creation online tool, and quick delivery far ahead of schedule. Prices are competitive too. What more can one ask for???

    Mark Solloway

    YOLO Immune Inc., USA

  • ベクターの設計から発注まで非常に直感的でわかりやすく行うことができ、かつ低価格で購入できるため、重宝しております。

    横井 友樹

    Hokkaido University

  • Vectorbuilder is very convenient. I greatly appreciate the customized support. I look forward to continuing to use this service.

    伊藤 亮治

    Central Institute for experimental animals

  • 自分たちでベクター設計・作成からウイルスの作成まで行なうとかなりのコストと時間がかかるところを、短時間でウイルスパッケージングまでして頂きとても助かっています。今後も継続して使用させて頂きます。

    森尾 花恵

    東京薬科大学 個別化薬物治療学教室

  • クローニングサイトのカスタムに迅速対応していただいて大変助かりました。 またプロモーターをセレクトできる点とその時の強度や文献もすぐにわかりやすく提示されて感動しました。

    岡村 文子


  • 以前から利用していますが、この度はベクター設計からウイルスのパッケージングまで質の良いサービスを安価にご提供いただき感謝しています。今後も利用させていただきたいと思います。

    佐藤 紀宏

    Tohoku University Hospital

  • 複雑なベクターであっても迅速に対応いただき、大変役立ちました。また、作成ツールも使いやすく、情報量も豊富で便利でした。これからも使用させていただきます。

    Takao Yogo

    The University of Tokyo

  • Even beginners can easily do vector design on the web. Also, the support is well organized and you will receive accurate vector design advice.

    三河 隆太

    Kyoto University

  • I had a great experience with the service and Maria solved all our doubts.

    Julian Bergier

    Stamm Bio, Argentina

  • Vectorbuilder is reliable, fast, and the price is super reasonable. I want to thank Vectorbuilder for providing such excellent service!

    Weiwen Zhang

    Emory University, USA

  • I have used the Vectorbuilder Lentivirus to do transduction many times. The quality is reliable and the transduction efficiency is very high. The customer service and R&D teams are highly professional and helpful. My experience with VectorBuilder is great.

    Yichuan Wang

    Frederick National Laboratory, USA

  • One year, over 10 constructs and transgenic fly lines further within a year, I want to thank VB and especially Joseph Perez for their excellent service. Dedicated to getting us the vectors we need, and advancing our follow-up applications- thank you for helping us advance our work!

    Jelly Soffers

    University of Missouri - Kansas City, USA

  • Reliable, precise, and fast, we were well-assisted and supported on purchases, agreements, and technical aspects. For many years we have been working with Vector Builder.

    Maria Pennuto

    University of Padova, Italy

  • Quality, fast and easy. I must say that VectorBuilder is the best. Very good support during all the order process as well, from the design to the shipment.

    Vitor Oliveira

    Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil

  • Vector Builder offers an exceptional browser-based vector design tool. I found it incredibly user-friendly, thanks to their clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Moreover, their support team is incredibly kind and helpful. I'm so satisfied with my experience that I'll be placing another order for vectors very soon.

    Takao Hikita

    Okayama University, Japan

  • We previously made a request for the production of a lentivirus vector, and we found the service to be very helpful and provided excellent customer service.

    新井 康祐

    National Cancer Institute

  • I have been working with VectorBuilder from the beginning of my postdoc. I’ve chosen VectorBuilder because of the online platform to create customized vectors. It is really impressive how easy is to digitally clone and the order process. Specifically, in our paper, we’ve used VectorBuilder for several critical experiments, including the downregulation of Bassoon protein (AAV-shRNA) and to study the role of Bassoon in the propagation of tau (AAV-GFP-P2A-hTau). These experiments were extremely important to probe our hypothesis.

    Dr. Pablo A. Martínez

    Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

  • So far I have used VectorBuilder's services more than 30 times. I have great confidence in their service, which is inexpensive and reliable compared to other companies. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.

    石井 聖二

    Keio University

  • We have requested the production of lentivirus vector before. The service was very helpful and courteous.

    小池 梨江

    Tokyo Medical and Dental University

  • I often use VectorBuilder services to establish a new experimental system with vectors because they always listen to my requests carefully and give me solutions fast and provide a well confirmed designs. I continue to use it of course.

    本田 充

    Kyoto University

  • Amazing experience cooperating with VectorBuilder! As one of the most popular technologies, mRNA vaccine technology has been used extensively to develop therapeutics and vaccines targeting various infectious and non-infectious diseases. Recently, Daniel Meng’s R&D team at VectorBuilder rapidly established the IVT mRNA CRO platform, and we closely collaborated on developing mRNA-based HIV and influenza vaccines. I am so impressed by their scientific vision as well as their problem solving capabilities. Once again, VectorBuilder is trustworthy.

    Dr. Caijun Sun

    Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

  • It has been a great experience working with VB. I was one of the first to test their empty capsid (AAV VLP) service. For my batch capsids were nearly completely empty (>97% by AUC and TEM) and were thus a huge help for assay development as a negative control. I also want to highlight that my contact Matthew Wheeler was always very helpful and transparent for any queries I had and that the team is very agile. A big plus is also the very intuitive website. Overall, a big thumbs up for VectorBuilder from my side.

    Dr. Andrei Hutanu

    Analytical Biochemist/QC Method Development, Roche, Switzerland

  • Before using VectorBuilder, producing lentiviral overexpression vectors for our in vitro models was a recurring and time-consuming enterprise. We faced frequent challenges in every experimental step, which made it difficult to plan the actual experiments. Setting up the process with VectorBuilder was very efficient, thanks to their great expertise and support. Once we started using VectorBuilder's services, we noticed a substantial increase in productivity as well as a more uniform and predictable transduction pattern of our target cells.

    We went on to use VectorBuilder for a large-scale CRISPR screen with a custom library spanning over 1,600 genes. With the provided virus, we were able to easily maintain cell representation and we derived a number of interesting hit genes, which we are excited to follow up on. A big thank you to the entire VectorBuilder Team!

    Dominic Schmid

    University of Basel

  • 迅速な対応に満足しております。引き続き、利用いたします。

    I am satisfied with the prompt responses. I will continue to use VectorBuilder's services.

    大城 太一


  • 指摘なベクターの設計も親切に対応いただきました。変異体の作製も簡易に作成でき、次回以降も利用させていただきます。

    中奥 敬史


  • Excellent experience with Vector Biolder in our plasmid construction: user friendly interface for plasmid design, quality of the product at a decent price and helpful customer service. Highly recommended.

    Inoue Makoto

    Astellas Phama

  • もうすでに100以上デザインしていただいておりますが、大変満足しております。非常に助かっております。今後ともよろしくお願い致します。

    赤城 剛


  • 複雑なコンストラクトや手元に有しないユニットやベクターであっても、ベクタービルダーではこの問題を克服可能となる。また断片を取得する際に極めて便利であった。今後も利用を続けたい。

    福原 武志


  • Our laboratory has had great success with both viral constructs and ready-to-use virus prepared by VectorBuilder. They provide excellent customer service at a reasonable price, and their website is extremely user-friendly. Very pleased we discovered this company.

    Marco Seandel

    Weill Cornell Medical College, USA

  • VectorBuilder has provided incredible value and customer service throughout the entire process from product selection, custom design assistance, order submission, status reports and ultimate delivery management. The custom products I purchased from them performed exactly as advertised and in fact surpassed my expectations. I would recommend VectorBuilder to anyone requiring this type of product.

    Frank Borriello

    Alloplex Biotherapeutics, USA

  • We ordered adenovirus from VectorBuilder to overexpress our protein of interest in primary mouse hepatocytes. The ordering process, including vector design, was very fast and easy. We received the plasmid and adenovirus within the time frame that was stated during the ordering process and the transduction efficiency of the adenovirus was very high, enabling us to use a low MOI. As a bonus, we also received the control Ad-EGFP adenovirus for free. In the future, I will not use any more siRNA or classical transfection methods on primary mouse hepatocytes, just adenoviruses from VB! I can highly recommend VectorBuilder's services for vector design and adenovirus production.

    Alexander Mayer

    University of Würzburg, Germany

  • VectorBuilder is an intuitive tool to help your need in developing vectors at an affordable price. I was in need of a CRISPR Lentiviral system with a Puro selection due to working with delicate cells that cannot handle FACS sorting pressures. With their online interface, it was easy to construct the vector I wanted and received the vector in a timely manner! It was simple to produce virus and test it in our cell culture and had good knockdown clones. I definitely will be ordering more vectors from Cyagen to finish up my thesis!

    Christophe Langouet-Astrie

    University of Colorado, Denver

  • Amazing experience with VectorBuilder! Ordered plasmids beginning of December, and despite the holiday season they arrived exactly as scheduled. Furthermore, customer support reached out to ask what would be my desired delivery date, considering potential holiday time at my institute. Overall, I am super satisfied, would highly recommend VectorBuilder (which I already do) and will buy from them again. All the best from my side!

    Tamara Tomin

    Medical University of Graz, Austria

  • We began to use VectorBuilder to prepare adenoviral plasmids about a year ago. We normally handled all the cloning stuffs ourselves, but when it comes to adenoviral vectors, because of its large size, sometimes it is kind of tricky for inexperienced students. We decided to give a try on VectorBuilder. One month later, the plasmid arrived and it generated virus that expressed the correct gene. After that, we have ordered more than 10 adenoviral plasmids and they all work fine. VectorBuilder did save us a lot of time.

    Lei Sun

    DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore

  • I ordered a plasmid vector two years ago. The design on the web platform was easy. Contacts with the specialists to arrange further details were excellent: they are very supportive!

    Emanuela Signori

    Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italia

  • I have been using VectorBuilder's cloning service for several years, and am extremely happy with their products and service. Their online design software is very easy to use and provides the most cutting edge solutions for today's most demanding molecular cloning needs. Their customer service is outstanding, with great technical competence and is always on time to delivery the excellent results, which have saved me months of precious research time. I would recommend VectorBuilder to anyone who want the best vector design and molecular cloning service.

    Guohao Dai

    Northeastern University, USA

  • Using VectorBuilder has transformed the way I do my research. VectorBuilder’s easy-to-use web interface allows me to custom build my own plasmids, freeing up time that I would have wasted cloning and instead letting me focus on the research that really matters. They offer great prices with a fast turnaround time. Their friendly and well-informed technical support team are on hand every step of the way, should you need any help. I would strongly recommend VectorBuilder to anyone wanting to accelerate the progress of their research.

    David M Brown

    University of Nottingham, UK

  • The scientific standards of VectorBuilder’s services are unquestionably high. The web interface to design vectors is intuitive and in fact so easy to use that it can even serve for educational purposes. VectorBuilder has pretty much covered everything one can think about when wanting to design an expression vector, it’s great to have all the versatility on one page. Turnaround time is fast and owing to their professionalism and customer friendly attitude I can recommend VectorBuilder’s services without reserve.

    Johnny Kim

    Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Germany

  • I’ve been using VectorBuilder’s virus packaging services for two years. The virus worked well and my projects are going on well. I’ve published two papers on SCI journals using VectorBuilder’s services. Thank you, VectorBuilder!

    Wei Zhang

    Zhejiang University, China

  • We recently purchased from VectorBuilder a lentiviral plasmid for constitutive expression of GFP and luciferase and the corresponding lentivirus. We had infected several tumor cell lines with excellent results. The lentiviral stocks worked very nice saving us a lot of time. We are now using these modified cell lines for monitoring tumor growth in animal models using in vivo imaging.

    Javier Alonso

    Research institute for Rare Diseases, Spain

  • VectorBuilder did vector construction and lentivirus packaging for my shRNA knockdown experiment. The transduction efficiency of the lentivirus was high. Their staffs were very considerate, and related technical questions were addressed quickly. I’ve finished many experiments and I’m preparing the manuscript for submission.

    Mengyuan Fan

    School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China

  • VectorBuilder’s service makes designing vectors incredibly simple and there’s no software required, it can all be done through their easy to use website. The lentivirus production service is a massive bonus as it’s so quick and reasonably priced there’s really no reason to make our own lentivirus anymore. Thanks for a fantastic service.

    Timothy London

    TC Biopharm, UK

  • Thumbs up! I chose VectorBuilder after comparing it with other companies, because it provides high-quality products and services at unbeatable price.

    Lihua Xu

    The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, China

  • VectorBuilder is an amazing way to save time on molecular biology. The web site is easy to use, well-conceived and allows quick design in most cases. For more unusual requests, the team is energetic, reply promptly on every request, and always finds a way to help. Low prices and short timelines really make it possible to consider VectorBuilder on many cloning matters.

    Laura Israel

    Novartis (Basel), Switzerland

  • I’ve used VectorBuilder’s vector construction and lentivirus packaging services. The turnaround time was short and everything worked well. Also, I got quick response from the customer support team.

    Xijuan Chen

    Guanghua School of Stomatology, Hospital of Stomatology, Sun Yat-sen University, China

  • I’ve used VectorBuilder’s lentivirus packaging service. The virus titer was as promised. Strong fluorescence was observed after transduction. The gene knockdown efficiency was satisfied.

    Yunhao Liang

    Southern Medical University, China

  • I’ve always been using VectorBuilder’s vector construction service. I’m generally satisfied with the quality of its service, and the problems I encountered were solved quickly.

    Huimin Chen

    The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, China



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